Your data. Our Insights.
Radically new products.

With Big Data Analyses for Product Development, Design and Production we help you to develop user-oriented products, services and communication measures.


Big Data Analyses.
Product, Communication & Design Strategy.

Big Data Analyses:
We use data to better understand companies and users. Combined with empathy and creativity, this creates powerful solutions for products, services and communication measures.

In times of increasing digitalization, the amount of data increases continuously, as does the pressure to derive meaningful insights. This is where we can help you.

  • We generate new data sets which can be used to answer specific questions
  • We structure the data
  • We segment & process the data
  • We visualize the data
  • We analyze the data

Product, Communication & Design Strategy:
Based on the data we develop strategic concepts with you, fit to meet the requirements of an increasingly digitized world.


Once we have created an adequate data base, we develop new user-centered concepts from the gained insights.

  • We interpret the data
  • We derive new product and corporate strategies
  • We develop algorithms that can be used for further implementation

Based on the created data we help you design products and services, which users will love.

The main condition for good design always is to ask the right initial question – and a profound briefing.

With the help of data analytics and design research, we have put a lot of attention into phrasing the right initial questions, so that the collected insights can be used to develop cutting edge designs.

These can be digital platforms, apps or hardware and service processes. We work with a well-established network of design professionals, which allows us to address various design requirements across all areas.


Typical “me too” products and business processes coming from “analogue times” lose their effectiveness with increasing digitization. We need new concepts developed to address our “digital times”.

To do so we must develop a deep understanding as well as question initial assumptions. We work with two approaches:

Design Thinking and Research to explore the context of a product or problem. And Data Analytics to define and validate hypotheses using Big Data.


Dadora GmbH. We are a Data & Design Lab with the mission to help you develop radically new, user-centric solutions.

Dr. Johanna Schoenberger
Vision & strategy

Johanna studied industrial design and started exploring the field of strategic design in 2007 by doing a doctor’s degree with Prof. Dr. Hartmut Esslinger. She conducted research in Europe, the US and Asia and published her conclusions, insights and vision for future work processes in the book “Strategisches Design. Verankerung von Kreativität und Innovation in Unternehmen” (“Strategic Design. Implementation of Creativity and Innovation in Corporations”).

After finishing her dissertation she gained corporate experience in the Design Department of BMW Group with a focus on Advanced Design Strategy and Research. After leaving BMW she expanded her focus on data analysis conception, digital strategy development and project implementation for global corporations and the so called German Mittelstand (e.g. Eplus, o2 Telefónica Germany, Beiersdorf, MVV, Medion).

In the spring of 2017 Johanna founded Dadora GmbH with the mission to provide a unique strategic approach by seamlessly combining data analytics, digital strategy & design.

Ferdinand Gallhoefer
Finance & operations

After receiving a master’s degree in Finance & Management from the University of St. Andrews, Ferdinand started his career as an analyst at J.P. Morgan and Macquarie, before founding the fashion label byMi together with his sisters.

Ferdinand designed the strategic positioning, set up the e-commerce platform and finance, and developed the enterprise platform, which runs all business processes.

Subsequently, he joined K+K Wissen GmbH & Co. KG, an industry/energy consultancy focusing on resource efficiency, as Chief Operating Officer.

Ferdinand led projects in the field of data generation, networking and processing. He was also in charge of implementing monitoring systems at plant and machine level in order to increase energy efficiency, automation, predictive maintenance and reduction of downtime in the industrial manufacturing process.

In the fall of 2017, Ferdinand joined Dadora as Head of Operations.


We work with companies from various industries. 
Our main expertise lies in the fields of automotive, telecommunications, and consumer goods. We are always keen on tapping into new sectors and transferring and expanding our knowledge.