Agile Working
& Digital Market Research

I spy with my little eye…

  • excitement
  • love
  • pain points
  • dreams
  • interests
  • needs

… of teams and customers.


understand users and trends, reduce complexity and development costs and enable meaningful innovation


We combine agile methods...
We use the full range of agile methods - design research, interviews or user tests - to meet people on a personal level and identify, which attitudes, needs, passions or problems they have in relation to a topic.
...and digital market research
We then combine our personal experience with big data from aggregated user generated content (websites, blogs, forums), search volume (SEO) and web analytics. This allows us to identify trends and create comprehensive personas.
We offer workshops, training and coaching
We guide you through the generated customer insights using various training formats and help you to develop a deep understanding. Then we support your development processes with agile methods and design thinking to create tangible solutions.


We are an interdisciplinary team of creatives, data specialists and market researchers.

Our goal is to translate the world of users and customers into your business so that you can develop the best ideas and succeed in agile innovation.


We are proud to work with businesses and corporations from various industries.

Automotive, telecommunication, insurance or consumer goods… We are always keen to expand our understanding and transfer our knowledge.